Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Family Member

I have just adopted another kitty. Her name is Annie. (more on her name later) We have an animal menagerie - a revolving door of rehab critters and the residents: 2 horses, 3 dogs and two cats; Sophie the Queen – a Himalayan Ragdoll and Pica the Kid – found as an emaciated kitten hiding in the bushes at a 7-ll store. Three weeks ago, I had taken Pica to get her dates cancelled (aka spaying). The Vet is a good friend and we work together with rescue and release for small mammals and birds. We were in the back clinic and I saw a cat with an elaborate piece of wirework on her leg. It was a terrible story… Annie had been attacked by two pit bulls. Her leg was broken in three places and she was mauled badly. I guess the dogs were really out of control as police officers were called to the scene. Both dogs were so aggressive, that one was killed immediately. Annie was alive, barely, so the County took her to the closest vet – mine – to be humanely euthanized. The staff carefully cradled her as they examined her wounds and she responded by purring and snuggling deeper in their hands. Dr Monica decided that she would do everything possible to save her – she was just too precious to euthanize without trying.
The elaborate metal sculpture was pins holding her leg together. All of her internal and external puncture wounds and rips had healed – that was a miracle in itself. And the pins had done the job in keeping her leg together. Annie was almost ready for a new home – but one where she could be monitored closely. Monica knew I couldn’t resist. And…well --- what is one more cat? After all – just another litter box to scoop. My granddaughter, Abby, was with me and she had already fallen in love—it was mutual. We chose the name “Annie” due to the endless rounds of anesthesia she had had to endure for surgeries.
Last week, the main pin was removed and I could bring Annie home to meet the rest of the family. She and Pica are about the same age and became immediate playmates. Sophie doesn’t like her much yet, and my mini schnauzer, Ginny, hates all 3 of them. But they all co-exist and tolerate each other. The rest of Annie’s pins will come out in 2 weeks. She will always have a limp but she is alive and a happy kitty!


  1. Bless you, Glenny. What a beautiful cat; she deserves a safe life, a good home and a second chance. We all do.

  2. What a sweet kitty! I'm glad she found you. I was adopted by a "mauled" cat once. She was cringing (unmauled) on my mother's doorstep when I came home from college. I left a box out for her with a blanket and some food. Next morning I followed the bloody trail. I don't know what attacked her - not a pitbull. I wrapped her in a towel and put her in a milk crate and drove to the vet's with one hand trying to hold her into the milk crate. She was so scared - and so was I. They did a lot of surgery on her too and we didn't even know if she had rabies or something. All her fur was shaved off her back and she looked really scary, but I took her back to school with me. I named her Archie the Bald (formally, Archibald McTavish the Gray Cat of Wonders) She turned out to be silky and sweet and incredibly lovable and grateful. I had her for 14 years. I have two other needy cats now.
    Sandy Bartholomew

  3. OH MY!!! POOR Little ANNIE... I am a puddle of tears over this story. It just KILLS me to hear of any cruelty in the world.. human, animal.. all creatures. SHE IS SO LUCKY to have you Mz. Glenny.

    There are TRULY Angels on the Earth... I believe that with my whole heart!


  4. Thank goodness some people like you and your vet have such lovely hearts. I am so glad your little Annie has found such a good home!

  5. Such a sweet cat deserves a fresh new start in a home like yours. Your story makes me want to go and hug my two furkids. They are both indoor only cats. I think I now know why. I want to keep them safe from the bad things out in the world.

  6. hey sweetie! just found your blog and added you to my blog links!!! congrats on the new kitty, she is precious!!!