Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back at Work!

I have been a bit “under the weather” these past few weeks. Interesting terminology – does that mean that if I’m feeling better, then I’m “over the weather”? Funny language we have. I am not a good patient – have no patience (heh heh) for being down. Some braniac inventor needs to design a high tech computer that reads my mind and will accomplish all that I cannot. That would be so awesome…a way to continue being productive while having to stay in bed.

My friend, Jan Harris and a wonderful 13yr old girl named Marissa, have just finished a marathon package stuffing for Asilomar. Our theme, By the Sea with Art & Soul was fun to work with…but also proposed a challenge. I have to remember that the special item after being altered/decorated needs to be easily packed for transport to the event. One year, I wanted to send umbrellas. I could visualize the hotel hallways covered with 100’s of hanging, artistic umbrellas -
--that was until Cindy reminded me that the attendees would decorate them open – and how in the world would they bring them to the event. Oopsie. … I had to re-think that one. We fondly refer to the item as a “doodad” or “thingy” and try to keep it as much a secret as possible. It is always fun to receive an email from someone who has just opened their box and had no idea what to expect inside!

Now it's time to concentrate on the packets for Virginia. It is quite a task to assemble them and I am grateful to my friends who continue to help me. This is a photo of Lane Goodrich, Tammy Vail and Gloria Christensen -- 3 of the dedicated A&S worker bees.

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  1. OH GOSH.. Glenny.. I am glad you are feeling BETTER.