Friday, July 10, 2009


We just returned from very hot -- but fabulous Las Vegas. Maria, her husband, Lars, Vonnie, Derek and I were invited by the sales staff at Ballys and Paris to check their properties in order to make certain that they would work for us in February. And boy will they work!!! The classroom space is huge, comfortable and happily smoke free. We were very impressed. The same was true of our sleeping accomodations -- clean, cozy and no smoke. Even walking thru the casinos, the air filtration is so good, that the only time I noticed any smoke was if I were right next to a smoker. It is pretty amazing.

Maria has a perfect spot for the store -- and the room for vendor night is --- well --- delightful.
We had dinner one evening in the tower. It was a 5 courses and we were stuffed. The guys had worn shorts --- it was 105 degrees --- and instead of being told that they needed a dinner jacket and/or tie, they needed PANTS. Which the restaurant provided. It was a hoot.

We took in the Las Vegas revue "Jubilee" at Ballys. The true old fashioned production.

The charming trio on our way to the airport

Lars & Derek -- Art & Soul Security


  1. It looks amazing!!! What a wonderful place for a retreat!


  2. Oh my gosh; you guys are so cute!! I hope it's warm in February too; we're going to want some sunshine in the doldrums of winter. Viva Las Vegas! xo

  3. What a fabulous place to have fun and be creative! Wish I were going to be there!

  4. I am all signed up and so glad to find a retreat that is in sinc with the weather. I was in Vegas last Feb. and the weather was about 70 degrees and I had to buy new Ts so I could be comfortable, since my long sleeved Ts were too warm! Looking so forward to this!