Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Asilomar 09

Asilomar is such a wonderful location for a creative retreat. Everyone who attended loved the setting and it truly is quite spectacular. I attempted to have a good time, but had to leave early due to strep throat and the beginnings of a nasty bout with shingles. If you have had them, you understand only too well. If you have NOT --- GET THE VACCINE! I never want to go thru this again -- even after all this time, I still cannot wear a bra and must take a dose of heavy medication to make it thru the day. No fun. But if you email me midway thru the drug dose --- I'm pretty darn happy!

Vendor Night


Michael and students

Making certain that everyone stayed on the paths and did not litter!!

Could there be anything sweeter?

Can't live without my daily latte. We found a Starbucks in Pacific Grove.....and found more than coffee!!

Look closely in the R and B


  1. Glenny, Hope you're feelling better soon and thanks for the advice on the vaccine. Asilomar sounds like a wonderful place for an art retreat. I'm looking forward to A&S in Portland.

  2. Oh, I love the little nests! Asilomar is lovely!