Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art Fun

I was fortunate to be able take Linda & Opie O'Briens class "Dada Diaries" at Artfest. I say fortunate because I came within nano seconds of not attending. I've never played with metal, have no tools and began to think that I was an idiot signing up for this class. Linda and Opie, however, had other ideas and gave me the gentle nudge that I needed to follow thru. And I can say that I had an absolute BLAST! This is a good example of attending a class having no idea what you want to do and therefore not planning ahead and bringing tons of supplies. There was not a lot of decision making -- I used what was in my stash. And here is the result. The torso contains a small book that can be removed. The arms are those things used to pry up paint can lids -- I have no idea why I had them in my bag, but yippeeee for me! Needless to say, my compatriots made some amazing, envious pieces -- but I am pretty darn pleased!
Big hug from Linda as I finished my project
Mary Stanley and Opie working hard to make our pieces fabulous


  1. You are the same kind of student as I. In Michael's class everyone came with cases of great junk to work with. I had next to nothing which really was a kind of blessing because I didn't spend my time making decisions; there was really only a few things I could do. But I love the serendipity of creating in the moment from what's on hand; it reminds me so much of life in general.

  2. Glad you had a great time at ArtFest and your class with Linda and Opie. I like your Dada Diary. Sometimes creating with less is more.