Monday, February 16, 2009

Clay Play

Portland classes have been posted and the line up is one of the most exciting ones ever planned. Registration will begin March 15 at noon – 12:00 pm PACIFIC time.

Our efforts will now turn to completing the packets for Virginia and Asilomar. My goal is to have them in the mail by March 15. With the Rock & Roll theme, the booklets have been fun to design.

I was able to spend some quality time working with art this weekend -- my new passion is making people and animals with polymer clay. I began this venture under the guidance of Judy Wise -- her clay family is fabulous and hysterical. I love their comical appearances.

This is Gurney. I had more fun bringing him to life. He was created in Bandon and Vonnie later told me that he resembles my ex father-in-law. She was right.

Gurney was always a nasty old man -- here he is trying to get a peek down the bathing suit of Bee's Beach Beauty while being watched intently by my odd beach bird.

Creating a new soul in the studio.

I think she will be a fairy with a hat that is a big leaf. The clay sort of makes a decsion on its own as I continue to work with it. Fun, soothing and rewarding!


  1. Hi Glenny,
    We missed you this weekend, but it looks like you've had a wonderful time playing with clay anyway! I am SO looking forward to taking Judy's class in Portland this year! Her dolls are just STUNNING.
    Laurel Steven

  2. Oh what fun. One of my new passions is paper clay dolls! They look wonderful, Glenny. Good for you taking time for creativity!

  3. This medium loves you, Glenny. Your dolls are brilliant. What more could an artist ask for than to have made something that brings so much delight? xo

  4. Oh Glenny, I just love this picture of you, you look so calm & at peace- so different than when I usually see you.
    Your dolls are great too, keep playing & having fun!

  5. Now, what are you doing with dirty old men? You have a lot "splaining" to do! I love him, he has a twinkle in his eyes that I am not sure it is really a dirty old man or one who just got a glimpse of what life was like in years past.

    You do just fine girl, I can't wait until we can play together with those.

  6. Glenny, These are a hoot! LOVE them! They look like so much fun!