Friday, June 20, 2008

A Callous Act

Wednesday, we discovered that someone had dumped a mamma cat and 7 kittens at the Corbett house. Fortunately, we had been at the house a few days earlier, so we knew that they hadn’t been there long. The poor things were starving and thirsty and they greedily pounced on the food that we put out. Mamma and babies are not feral, so obviously someone had been taking care of them before deciding to get rid of them. The babies are about 4-5 weeks old and cute as a kitten can be.
I don’t understand this behavior. First of all, be a responsible pet owner and have your animals spayed/neutered. There are countless programs to assist with payment for the procedures. And secondly, what kind of person does this? What a selfish, shallow act. Driving to Corbett is about the same distance as driving to the Humane Society. This coward knew that the house was vacant….and took the opportunity to relieve him/herself of a responsibility he/she no longer wanted. With the kittens being so small, they could never have made it to the front porch on their own so we know that they were “hand delivered”.
During the 20 yrs that I lived in the lodge, we could always count on numerous “stray” dogs and cats appearing each summer. Many had been attempting to forage on their own before finding their way to the house – others were quite healthy and had just been thrown out of a moving car by our driveway. I’m glad that I was there to help them, as we are with this new family. I would certainly like to get my hands on the creep.
So –anyone in the Portland area who would like a kitten – I’m the person to contact! We moved them to the barn and they are occupying Zahara’s stall. As long as the weather is nice, the horses are outside enjoying fresh pasture. Abby has her hands full taking care of baby ducks, baby kitties and baby horse. She loves every minute.

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