Friday, January 18, 2008

I am one of those foolish, non-techno savvy individuals who were certain that blogs would be a short term fad. Lesley and Claudine have been after me for over a year to get with the program. "Blogs are the future!” Lesley would say. "Blogging is one way to have a personal connection with people around the world" chimed in Claudine. "But it’s just a journal", I would lament, “I don't get it….who wants to read about me?” Did I mention that I was foolish? Well -- here I am--beginning my blogging journey..
I suppose I should explain WHO I am and how I got to this place. While in school, I tried art classes. The art teacher was not impressed with my endeavors. My clay sheep got a D; sculpture and pottery were not my forte. How about Calligraphy? The teacher says – practice, practice, practice. My hands shake and I have no patience with ink. Got C’s in that class. (I also have warm hands so I couldn’t be a cake decorator either – the frosting melts). I tried oils. I painted. 4 times. My mother has them all. They aren’t bad – you can tell that the ship is sailing and that the apples aren’t tomatoes. But they weren’t “in my head”. Doesn’t a true artist envision an object and frantically fill a sketch book? The best grade I got in art class was a C – obviously I should try choir instead.
As an adult, in my first life, my husband and I owned a pharmacy. This exposure gave me ample opportunity to explore all aspects of retail operations, business associations and event planning. Event planning? In a pharmacy? Yup – always the consummate organizer, it wasn’t long before I was involved in the local Chambers and developing business associations. Flower arranging for annual banquets soon led to becoming a planner of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and other private parties.

Soon, all of these events brought me to 1987 and my most proud achievement: the direction and organization of the first Festival of Lights at The Grotto in Portland, Oregon. The Festival of Lights has continued and is highlighted as one of the premier Holiday events in the city.

All my business contacts soon led me to a short bout in City Hall, but I quickly learned that politics (although challenging and most interesting) was NOT for me. I liked the organization part – but there was no opportunity for artistic creativity. Stuffy old politicians. So I continued with special event commissions and worked part time for an attorney.

My creative outlet was satisfied by designing special ‘theme’ parties, arranging flowers and all that goes along with producing a successful extravaganza. I once hosted a traveling family circus as they were transitioning from an event in Washington State. I wanted them to participate in the grand opening ceremonies of Portland’s Light Rail. Someone had to give them a spot for the lions, tigers and bears….oh my. And since animals are my all time passion – of course they would stay with me. It was quite an experience and one I will never forget.

Stay tuned for the second installment of the road I traveled in the creation of Art and Soul.


  1. Welcome to Blogland! Can't wait to read more of your life's adventures.

  2. Glenny! wonderful to see you here. I am delighted you finally gave in. Now I will be able to keep up with you and find out what you are up to between one Art & Soul and the next.

    Have fun, this is a great medium and a great way to stay in touch,


  3. Hey there Glenny! Yes... Leslie and Claudine are right... blogs are the future... or part of it anyway. And we love your foolish sweet self, so of course everyone wants to stay up with all you are doing. Thanks for the link... I'll add one back to you!

  4. OOoooOO... GLENNY.. YOu have started a BLOG... YEAH! I will list you on my blog roll.


  5. congrats! love your banner, is that the cute little bird on your shoulder in your pic? darling! stop by mine and say hello some time!

  6. Glenny: Congrats on your gorgeous blog! What a wonderful scribe you are!

    Dawn and I are so looking forward to seeing you in May at Hampton again! What a fantastic job you do each and every year with A&S!!!

    Dawn and De
    The Divas D'Este

  7. Hey, Lady! It is wonderful to 'see' you in the blog-o-sphere! Being somewhat foolish, myself, I quell the need for my own blog by putting that time toward reading the blogs of others >:-\ I look forward to more of your musings -- AND, to seeing you in May (right around the corner)!
    - penny

  8. Glenny, welcome to blogging! I started mine, too, thinking "who'd want to read about me". I now know not too many people (!!!) but the ones who do are, or have become, dear friends. I am looking forward to reading the second installment on how you started Art & Soul!

    All the best,

  9. Yay! It's great to see you blogging Glenny. I can't wait to read your second installment!

  10. Bravo! I've always wanted to know you better and never had the opportunity so this is a happy development. I'm tuned in!

  11. Hi Glenny, Great blog and love the watercolor! I would blog too if I could figure it out so you are waaaay ahead of me. Also thanks for including me on your blog!

  12. Welcome to the world of blogging from another Portlander! You are off to a good start, just have fun with it. I didn't know the Grotto lights were your doing? Amazing!

  13. You've joined the ranks of a national obsession - blogging! Welcome to the world of cyber stories and eye candy!


  14. Welcome to blogosphere! I too am anxious to learn more about your inspiration for creating A&S. Looking forward to Hampton!

  15. Hey Glenny! Welcome to the Blog World! I think you are going to Love it! I Still haven't figured out how to get my pictures in the right order and put the writing where I want it, not where the blog puts it......but I'm learning more all the time. :-) Once I realized it didn't have to be a spill my guts Diary.......LOL....I Love having an art blog. I might start a travel one soon too. Have Fun! Margaret (Rodgers)

  16. Welcome to the ranks, Miss Glenny!

  17. Glenny-

    How nice it will be to get to know you better! It is always so hectic at A&S and of course everyone wants to talk with you! I'll see you in May!