Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Special Announcement!

Half of the fun of Art & Soul for me is planning future events. Everything from researching locations to watching the jury evaluate class proposals is quite fulfilling. I can’t stress enough how wonderful our 2006 jaunt to Pienza, Italy was. Not only did we have a marvelous instructor, Ms Lesley Riley, but the city and atmosphere were amazing. We longed to return again, but the decline in our poor dollar has made International travel all but impossible for many of us. I desperately wanted to organize a small event somewhere out of the ordinary – and yet charming. And by gosh – I think we’ve done it!

I am happy to announce that we will have a small retreat in Nova Scotia! The date will be Aug 10-14, 2009 and will feature only 3 instructors: Lesley Riley, LK Ludwig and Judy Wilkenfeld. They will each teach two 2/day classes. Our proposed schedule is to have classes Monday & Tuesday then Thursday & Friday, with Wednesday off as a day to explore the area. The retreat will include: classes of your selection, six nights lodging, six breakfasts, 5 lunches and 2 dinners. Transportation to the island is not included. We will be staying at the
Old Orchard Inn which is in the Annapolis Valley region and the Bay of Fundy.

We will be saving the dollar from the Euro – while still enjoying an international retreat! Yippeeee!!!
The instructors are currently busy working on their classes/descriptions. Registration and all information will be on-line Aug 15, 2008. Size will be limited to 60 attendees – I hope you can join us on this wonderful adventure!

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